Educational Activities
The main activity of the company is to own, establish and manage regular (Primary, Elementary, Secondary) schools and invest in sports, recreation and sports clubs for school students.
Managing Educational Schools

The buildings of NCLE Schools, their facilities, and advanced equipment are integrated into a model environment that attracts enjoyment with learning and ensures all the needs of the educational process and achieves excellence in learning.

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Our Brands

The National Company for Education & Learning started an ambitious pioneering Journey by Sheikh Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al-Khudair in 1378 AH/ 1958, establishing the “Tarbya Namouthajiya Schools”, which served both kindergarten and primary school for boys and girls and was the first school for girls in Riyadh, and had only 50 students in a rented building at its first headquarters in Al-Malaz neighborhood on 60th St. and then on Jarir St., until the construction of the first educational buildings in Al-Rayyan neighborhood in the year 1400 AH/1980. And what made the jewel in the crown of the company’s fruitful journey is the qualitative shift that took place in the year 1423 AH/ 2002 by transforming this educational entity into the first closed joint stock company in the educational sector under the name of “National Company for Education & Learning” registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under Ministerial Resolution No. 346.

Developing Education Curriculums

The National Education & Learning Company offers two programs, the National Education Program, which implements the curricula approved by the Saudi Ministry of Education. The course includes a specially designed English language course from Interlink International organization, effective from the first grade, in addition to teaching mathematics and science in English, Adopts international curricula that meet internationally recognized standards. Students receive international certificates from the American Accreditation Authority and are accredited by the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Educational Services

The company offers a unique educational service in an attractive and integrated educational environment through its educational complexes. Its curricula and activities follow the global development of education and are in line with the age groups of students. It also aim to create and cultivate a spirit of competition, prepare students for professional life, stimulate innovation and prepare leaders who have the strongest and most gracious virtues. In addition to physical activities, handicrafts, and other educational and recreational programs and activities.

Facts and figures about the company
Figures that showcase our achievements
A student capacity of more than 16,000 students.
The human resources department has more than 1,500 employees.
The company buildings occupy an area of more than 250,000 m2

Facts and Figures
Our services quality
  • Al Rayyan School: Capacity of 6,000 students
  • Al Rawabi School: Capacity of 5,000 students
  • Al Nozha School: Capacity of 5,000 students
  • Cordoba School: Capacity of 1,200 students
  • Qassim School: Capacity of 3,000 students
  • Al Ghad School: Capacity of 2,300 students
  • Al Khawarizimi School: Capacity of 1,250 students
  • Qairawan School: Capacity of 5,200 students
  • Doha Hills School: Capacity of 3,000 students