Career & Culture
The national company has been always seeking to attract the best expertise in various fields, and invest in them, and fully support them to benefit from their potential.
Our Values
Sustainable development, through a continous search for the latest educational tools and activities and continuing to develop our performance indicators and competencies. Commitment to excellency, by an unwavering commitment to provide a distinguished educational service, in a disciplined educational environment and respect for laws and regulations. Integrity, which is manifested in our commitment to honesty, ethical standards and self-censorship through the ethical code of the profession. Creativity and Innovation, cultivating creativity through the initiation of entrepreneurship, to be able to move towards a better future and building a culture of innovation on a solid foundation.
Cooperation to work on development and empowerment of our employees to make their professional decisions, and to involve everyone in achieving the goal according to standardized indicators and regulations. And achieving excellency by exceeding what is expected, and adding the value added in private education.
Work Environment
The National Company for Education considers its employees to be the most precious investment, and this investment is gradually cultivated through developing their competencies and rewarding them through special packages of compensation and benefits that preserve their rights of a decent living. as well as adhering to the company's values and ethics towards their employees. and pushing them towards reaching their full potential.
Our Employees
The company has enabled its employees to focus on their professional lives by taking care of them and providing them with a quality life for them and their families, which has contributed to the development of the relationship between the company and its employees. The company is fully aware that its success lies in the efficiency of its employees who have extensive experience and work hard and with an unmatched passion for what they do. and will perform outstandingly for their company, their community, and their country, in accordance with the highest international standards.