The company aims to research, invest in, acquire and rehabilitate leading, emerging or intermediate educational institutions and help them operate with the highest standards.
Educational Activities

“The Company is solely focused on Acquiring, Building, and Managing Educational facilities (Primary, elementary, and secondary schools) and investment in sports, entertainment and sport clubs for the students. Where the company owns four educational complexes in Riyadh implementing private education using the Saudi national curriculum, as well as the International American Curriculum. And it’s worth mentioning that the company provides its services for both males and females students”

Investment Activities

The company is engaged in research and investment in the best educational institutions, either emerging or intermediate to acquire it and then refurbish and rehabilitate it be of the highest standards, as well as its continuous efforts to attract new investors to expand participation and enrich experiences.

Educational Sports Activities

Fully equipped education clubs are available at the company’s facilities in all their compounds, In order to achieve our mission, which is to achieve a comprehensive and a highly integrated curriculum, along with the educational role that is consistent with our originality and heritage, in order to provide a healthy educational environment for our children in our schools, which in turn gained parents’ confidence in our educational and learning approach for more than half a century..

(عربي) الأنشطة الثقافية

(عربي) تهتم الشركة الوطنية للتربية و التعليم بمجموعة من الممارسات و المهارت التي يقوم بها الطلاب في المدرسة، والتي تهدف إلى تشجيع الطلاب على ممارسة مواهبهم وتنميتها، ممّا يعزز ثقتهم بأنفسهم، بالإضافة إلى اندماجهم مع المجتمعات الأخرى، وتنمية روح الجماعة والتطوع لديهم، سواء كانت ضمن وقت برنامج المدرسة، أم خارج وقت البرنامج المدرسي.