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General rules of conduct

The need for general rules of conduct
The National company for Education is committed to carrying out its work in an ethical, legal, safe and environmentally responsible manner, and requires all its suppliers to commit to this obligation in return. To this end, these rules have been established as the general rules of conduct for the concerned parties who are looking to conduct any type of business with National company for Education (providers, suppliers and others).
The National Company for Education requires its suppliers to meet the following requirements on a continuous basis as a condition for considering their dealings – or continuing their dealings with the company.
The Scope
This Code applies to all suppliers, contractors, service providers, experts and consultants for (current and future) dealings with the National company for Education.
General standards
All service providers (suppliers, suppliers, etc.) are required to comply with all the conditions, rules and regulations as set forth in the purchase and contract agreements (including, for example, offers and invitations to tender and Terms and Conditions Booklet and the resulting contractual agreements or purchase agreements).

Chapter One
Conduct and Business Ethics
The National Company for Education and its clients must conduct their business in accordance with ethical standards and expect service providers and suppliers to comply with these requirements in each of the following areas:

First: Integrity
All transactions must be conducted in a fair, authentic and honest manner in accordance with the highest ethical standards and the abuse or violation of such policies is considered a breach of trust.
The Supplier is committed to prevent and combat all forms of corruption, extortion, embezzlement and illegal earning methods, and abide by the special instructions for the protection of integrity and combating corruption, which are sponsored by the National Anti-Corruption Committee.
Suppliers (and all concerned parties) should avoid even appearing as inappropriate or immoral in their procedures, and communications concerning existing or proposed business relations with The National Company for Education.

Second: Business Practices
The supplier must take into account that the National Company for Education is keen to obtain services or goods in accordance with the best and most acceptable quality standards. Therefore, the supplier must prove that he meets the quality requirements within his proposed offers. This requirement also applies to progress reports.
Suppliers shall not engage in conspiracies, discriminatory tenders, monopoly practices, any acts that violates honest competition or any other unfair business practices.
The supplier shall ensure that the priority of goods and services is for products with a national origin in accordance with the rules of preference for Saudi products.
Suppliers shall bring their goods and services from third parties from supplying countries where the minimum standards of labor for the country of origin, relating to health and safety, hours of work, wages and conditions of employment are met.

Third: Privacy: Data Protection
National Company for Education’s suppliers and service providers must abide by confidentiality rules which are mentioned in contracts and agreements.
Any breach of confidentiality or unauthorized disclosure of proprietary information or confidential information is extremely serious and the company reserves the right, without prejudice to all other legal and contractual rights, to cancel the qualification of any potential supplier or to terminate any existing relationship with any existing supplier when the company finds that broken the supplier or service providers to have broken or breached his confidentiality obligations. All advertising materials, press releases or publications referring to The National Company for Education, or to a potential or existing relationship with a supplier must be approved by the Public Relations Department of The National Company for Education prior to publication.

Chapter Two
The National Company for Education expects suppliers to share their commitment to human rights and equal opportunities in employment. All suppliers must comply fully with labor laws in the following areas:

First: diversity and fair employment
The supplier must not discriminate in employment, provide financial rewards, grant training, promotion, termination or contracting because of race, sex, affiliation, religion or social status and the principle of equal opportunities for all of his employees.
Not to exercise or impose any form of abuse, threat or physical punishment.
Respect for the workers’ rights of freedom of association, and the obligation of suppliers not to exercise any form of discrimination on the basis of membership in a trade or profession union.
The supplier is obliged not to use any form of forced labor, the work must be voluntary and workers should not be required to provide deposits or to force them to sign checks as a condition of employment.

Second: Wages and working hours
The working hours in which the supplier sets for his employees, including overtime, shall not exceed what is prescribed by the Labor Law (except in case of emergency).
The supplier is obliged to grant employees paid leaves.
The supplier is obliged to pay the wages and benefits paid to the workers by legal standards (not less than the minimum wage) and written information must be provided to the workers regarding their working conditions, especially wages.

Third: Child Labor
Compliance with laws relating to the minimum age for employment and avoiding child employment at all cost.
Suppliers may not employ less than the age of elementary education or the legal labor age limit.
Employers under the age of 18 may not perform any hazardous work.

Chapter Three
Environment, health and safety (EHS):
The Company expects its suppliers to comply with EHS laws in all aspects of the business and conduct, which are as follows:

First: Environmental Permits
The National Company for Education recognizes its social responsibility to protect the environment and expects its suppliers to demonstrate a similar commitment. All necessary environmental permits must be obtained, maintained, updated, and to follow requirements of operations and generate reports for these permits.

Second: Waste and Emissions
Compliance with all environmental laws and regulations on hazardous substances, air emissions and waste management.
Reduce or eliminate waste, including water and energy waste, through maintenance, recycling, or reuse.
Handling and safe disposal of hazardous materials and hazardous waste.
To monitor and control the waste generated by the business and treat it properly.

Third: Protection of workers
Provide adequate training and adequate equipment for employees’ safety.
The supplier must ensure that his employees comply with the rules and regulations of health and safety and perform their duties in a way that does not endanger them or put other people at risk.
The supplier must provide workers with a healthy and safe workplaces and implement effective programs to develop and improve the working environment.
The supplier must implement an occupational health and safety management system.
Fourth: the safety of the process
The supplier must use and develop low energy consumption goods or services.
The Supplier shall be responsible for ensuring that the operation is consistent with the Government’s environmental protection policies.

Chapter Four:
Policies and Guidelines for The National Company for Education:
The values, principles and professional practices of The National Company for Education are the basic foundation for reaching the levels that govern the ethical rules of conduct of the management, employees and any other party representing the National Company for Education, which is as follows:

First: Conflicts of Interest:
Suppliers and Service Providers shall not encourage or benefit from any current or former Company employer in any manner that makes it available to him to provide any confidential information acquired by him during his service with the Company in order to influence any of the current or proposed transactions for a commercial advantage.
Suppliers may not appoint any of the National Company for Education employees and the ban on former employees shall be suspended for an appropriate period from the time that employment was terminated
National Company for Education’s employees may not invest with any suppliers or customers, especially if the employee has direct dealings with them such as participating in the bidding or negotiation with these suppliers.
Employees should disclose any situation where a conflict of interest may have happened with their suppliers.

Second: Gifts, hospitality and entertainment:
Suppliers and their employees may not offer or offer gifts or hospitality to National Company for Education’s staff unless they are of symbolic value and consistent with normal business practices, and symbolic gifts are described as gifts of low value.
Be sure that such gifts or compliments are appropriate and certified by the relevant professional level and fully comply with all the instructions and rules of the company in this regard.
Be sure that the gifts and compliments provided do not entail an obligation of any kind.

Chapter Five
Service providers, suppliers and others are responsible for complying with the standards and requirements of this Code of Conduct. They are required to perform internal audits periodically to ensure that they adhere to the National company for Education’s Code of Conduct.
Suppliers shall be responsible for ensuring that their employees who are working in any National Company for Education projects are informed of the standards and requirements of this Code.
Following the implementation of these rules is the joint responsibility of the National Education for Education and its clients.
Service providers shall promptly notify National Company for Education immediately upon their knowledge of any violation or potential violations of this Code and inform the company of the plans to rectify such violations.
In the event of a violation of this Code, The National Company for Education reserves the right to remove the client from the Suppliers Register or to prohibit dealing with him without any obligation of any kind, in addition to reserving all its legal and contractual rights.

Final Provisions
The National Board of Directors of the National Company for Education adopted the general rules of conduct and put them into effect on . / / .
This Code will be put into review every three years or as needed
This Policy will be published on National Company for Education website.
An article stating that suppliers and contractors have been informed, understood and adhered to the National Code of Conduct for National Education must be included in any purchase orders and conditions booklets.

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